The Karamajiji is a colony of the handicapped located along the Airport Road. More than 1,000 handicapped people (made up of the crippled and visually challenged) and their families, live in an environment akin to a poor village setting, without electricity and pipe borne water.

Karamajiji is their own little colony where they can feel accepted and wanted, it is a difficult place to live because most of the things needed to make life a little bit easier for them are not available.

Handicapped members of Karamajiji

The community is in need of schools, a proper health care center. Aged-Network concerns itself with equal access to all individuals regardless of their handicaps.

The visit to the camp by the organization was to analyze, study and document the comminities need and how it can be bettered and life improved for the community dwellers.

Food donation to the Karamajiji by Aged-Network

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