Aims and Objectives

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  • Harnessing abundant human and natural resources towards creating economic growth and development as lasting solutions to injustice, poverty, insecurity, illiteracy, and health. Thus, promoting peace and prosperity in Africa through global networking.
  • To foster Peace, Strength, Unity and Cooperation amongst different ethnic nationals of Africa through dialogue and conflict resolution mechanism, and synergies.
  • To promote democratic norms, values, and socio-cultural well-being of Africa through election sensitization, monitoring and trainings.
  • To promote primary Healthcare in rural areas of Africa through engagements, sensitization and advocacy.
  • To substantially promote economic empowerment and micro credit on the Africa continent.
  • To promote Agricultural innovations, solid mineral investment and community development on the Africa continent.
  • To promote commerce, creativity, research publications and skill acquisition for the less privileged and other vulnerable members of the society in Africa.
  • To promote Education with emphasis on Girl Child Education on African continent.
  • To assist security agencies in building capacities towards providing a better agency.
  • To promote indigenous Africa products and services.
    To promote training and capacity building.
  • To promote environmental sustainability and infrastructural development to include, water supply and renewable energy in Africa.


  • Almajiris.
  • Vulnerable women and children.
  • Child hawkers.
  • Physically Challenged.
  • Drug Addicts.
  • Unemployed Youths.
  • Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).
  • Widows/Widowers.
  • Security agencies.