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Africa Global Empowerment and Development Network (AGEDNetwork) is a Non-Governmental, Non-profit, Non-Religious and Voluntary Organization, registered under the Company and Allied Matters Acts 1990 “Part C” of Nigeria, also registered with National Planning Commission. Our vision is to create opportunities and synergies that positively transform Africa. Our Mission is to harness Africa’s resources with the ultimate view of creating a lasting solution towards the injustices of poverty, health, education, unemployment, security and economic empowerment. Our core mandates are; Advancement of peace, security, Economic development and Empowerment of youth and indigent population, as well as promote Rural and Agricultural development, among others in Nigeria. Nigeria today is bedeviled with quintillions of leadership problems that have resulted in its gross under-development and stagnation, in spite of its abundant resources. Some of these setbacks are but limited to political instability, volatile economic regime, religious fanaticism, poor leadership, governance perfidy, lack of statecraft and capacity endemic and deeprooted corruption, incessant political and social upheavals, inter-tribal disputation and conflagrations. These maladies have become a cog in the wheel of its economic independence and industrial renaissance. Worried by the ugly renditions, created by man’s ineptitude and greed,
AGED-NETWORK, came prepared to combat these inadequacies and bring Africa back its pride of place in global calendar. Since our advert we have been working assiduously and collaborating with other humanitarian
organization to help the poor in the society, the indigent populations, internally displaced persons living in squalor, the army of unemployed youths to bring about a new paradigm in our society.

a. To foster peace and strengthen unity and cooperation amongst different ethnic nationals of Nigeria through dialogue and conflict resolution network.
b. To promote political norms, values, socio-cultural well-being of Nigerians and through election sensitization, observation and trainings.
c. To promote primary healthcare in Nigeria’s rural areas by building and equipping the primary healthcare and also putting maintenance mechanism in place.
d. To Promote Micro Credit Financing to support woman and youth development.
e. To promote agriculture, Solid Mineral and community development in Nigeria rural areas.
f. To set up machinery for regular dialogue as a way to ensuring that issues likely to cause breach of peace are settled amicably and promptly particularly.
g. To liaise and seek cooperation with other relevant Local, National and International Agencies that would further the attainment of the Foundation’s aims and objectives.
h. To promote Education, especially Girl-Child Education, Women/Youths empowerment in the Nigeria rural areas and elsewhere.
i. To promote commerce, creativity, research, publications and skills acquisition in Nigeria by building skills acquisition Centres across the country.
j. To promote made in Nigerian products and services to the rest of the world.
k. To Develop and Promote Sport in Nigeria, which is also an avenue to build national peace and youth empowerment.
l. To promote infrastructural development, including water supply in rural areas, urban areas by liaising with the relevant authority and also international agencies to support this development.

As part of the Security Sector Reform Agenda of our organization, AGEDNetwork has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Defense College (NDC) through the Center for Strategic
Research and Studies (CSRS). This (MOU) has given us the opportunities to anchor the security sector reforms which comprise of all the security agencies in Nigeria. We have in the recent past (2nd, December 2020) organized a national conference on ‘The Role of the security agencies in the COVID-19 Pandemic Environment’ which was
targeted at closing all gaps and creating a better synergy amongst all the security agencies for effective and efficient performance. In line with the above, our organization has held conference for capacity building
involving the personnel of all security agencies in Nigeria. Most recently (19th & 20th December 2022), AGED-Network in collaboration with the Centre for Strategic Research and Studies, National Defense College held a workshop on “POLITICAL VIOLENCE AND ELECTION SECURITY IN NIGERIA” which was targeted at bridging the
gap between Election and Political Violence as well as educating various stakeholder and security agencies on their role to ensure a safe and secure Electoral environment which will no doubt impact positively the integrity of any Election. We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Nigeria Police Trust Fund (NPTF) to assist in sourcing for fund as a nongovernmental organization for the reconstruction and renovation of all the
Nigeria Police training schools and colleges across the country and equipping them with modern training facilities, this prompted the engagement of a prime consultant by our organization who has initiated the process of redesigning the Police Training School and Colleges, we have also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Ministry of Budget and National Planning for the purpose of carrying on our aims and objectives as it concern developmental strive of the country.

AGED-Network is currently in Partnership with the Federal Ministry of Education to ensure that children are taken off the street and sent back to school as well as to foster girl child Education.

Thank you.
Majidadi Bala Kontagora
President AGED-Network