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Africa Global Empowerment and Development Network is a non-governmental organization, non-religious, non-political and a non-profit organization.

It is a voluntary organization set up to achieve the noble goal and objectives of reducing youth unemployment, improve the health system of vulnerable groups such as women, physically challenged, drug addicts, internally displaced person (IDPs).

Also, to harness and utilize the abundant resources (both human and natural resources) in Africa towards creating economic growth and development. Hence providing lasting solutions to injustice, poverty, unemployment, insecurity, health, and education.

The organization was registered under the companies and allied matters Acts 1, 1990 part “C” at the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja. It was registered on May 2018 and was awarded the certificate of incorporation NO. CAC/IT/NO.112214. Aged Network has been registered by the National Planning Commission of Nigeria.

Some of the essential services performed by AGED-Network was the provision of food items to the IDPs scattered across the country especially in the FCT and the Northeastern part of the country.

In achieving these laudable objectives AGED-Network has been working in collaboration with the civil society, institution, ministries, departments, and agencies (MDA’s) among others.


Harnessing abundant human and natural resources towards creating economic growth and development as lasting solutions to injustices, poverty, insecurity, illiteracy and health.

To promote democratic norms, values and socio-cultural wellbeing of Africa through election sensitization, monitoring and trainings.

To promote Agricultural innovations, solid mineral investment and community development on the African continental.

To foster peace, strength, unity and co-operation amongst differnt ethnic nationals of agfrica through dialogue and conflict resolution mechanism and synergies.

To promote primary healthcare in rural areas of Africa through engagement, sensitization and advocacy.

To promote commerce, creativity, research publication and skill acquisition for the less priviledge and other vulnerable members of the society in Africa.

To promote environmental sustainability and infrastructural development to include water supply and renewable energy in Africa.

To promote agricultural innovations, solid mineral investment and community development of the African continent.


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Our Vision

To create opportunities and synergies that positively transform Africa.

Our Mission

To harness Africa's resources towards creating lasting solutions to injustice of poverty, health, education, unemployment, security and economic empowerment.

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Committed To Promoting Peace and Prosperity through global network.


Economic Empowerment and Vocational Skills Acquisition

Environmental Sustainability




Peace and Conflict Resolution